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SRH Series Rescue Boat Launching Appliance

1、This davit conforms to the requirements of the Amendments to SOLAS 1996- -- -- -MSC .47(66),International LSA Code MSC.48(66), IMO Resolution MSC81(70) and

MSC.216(82),MSC.218(82) and MSC.226(82).

2、This boat davit is a davit whose turning out driven by hydraulic, then lower. In case of emergency, the accumulator may be used for turning out the boat davit, then lower rescue boat with high speed depending on its gravity by remote control.

3、In case of failure of power, the manual pump may be used for supplying hydraulic driving to ensure the boat davit to be able to turn out to lower rescue boat.

4、Working load for this boat davit is the weight of fully laden boat with full complement person, under this load, the boat davit may turn out,lower and hoist.