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Free Fall Lifeboat

1、Comply with the requirements and rules of SOLAS and amendment 1996, LSA Code, MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85) & MSC.81(70), MSC. 226(82), MSC.274(85).

2、Boat body material: fire-pretended type FRP;

3、Fitted with release mechanism and free falls in to the water;

4、t can self-righting by itself when capsized;

5、Equipments is equipped according to SOLAS requirement;

6、The surface for walking is the antiskid;

7、Equip a manual pump remove the ponding in the boat;

8、Running time of rescue boat when fulloaded & full speed is more than 24 hours.

9、Speed(full load);:>6knots

10、All seats are according to requirement of cosmetology, four point safe belt and cushion were ftted on seat,

11、Door was ftted at lifeboat stern, Natural ventilation is achieved via an automatic valve located on the front of superstructure. The valve will be above water in all heeling conditions (0-1 80 degrees).The valve also prevents the cabin from becoming dangerously under-pressured while the engine is running.

12、A water spray system is installed for fire protection. The spray system consists of an engine driven pump, which takes seawater from the lowest possible location under the boat ensuring that no flammable liquid is drawn into the system. The spray system provides water over the entire surface of the craft ( tanker version only )

13、The compressed air system installed has a sufficient capacity to provide air for the maximum number of personnel and engine combustion for a minimum of 10

minutes. Toxic fumes or gas prevention have been made to recharge the air system from the ship's compressed air system ( tanker version only ) .