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Single Arm Rescue Boat /Raft Launching Appliance

1、This davit conforms to the requirements of the Amendments to SOL AS 1996---MSC 47(66) , InternationalLSA Code MSC .48(66), IMO Resolution MSC81(70) and MSC.216(82),MSC.218(82) and MSC.226(82). ,

2、The davit is a Single arm slewing type davit and it lowers the boat/raft on the water by the help of its ownweight.

3、The davit is a hydraulic slewing type davit and it would be slewed by accumulator or manual pump drivenin case of power failure.

4、The boat is lowered by means of remote control, that the crew can release and stop the hand brake of the winch from inside of the boat via wire connection to the brake arm and wire spool on the winch. Alternatively the crew can operate the hand brake on the deck.

5、A permanently mounted motor on the winch is used for hoisting the boat back to the stowed position.