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7.5m Fast Working Boat

1.Navigating zone & Application

This boat is used as fast working boat, it is used for rescue, offshore fast speed patrol, fire fighting, deal with sea accident etc in 80 miles along thecoast &check and testify, drive pirate, rescue jacked vessel, carry out mission such as confrontation and battles.

2.main data


3.structure Design

The whole structure design is mainy consisted of hull body, fender, selfrighting device, power system et. The control panel is located in the forward of the boatfting device, power system scaed in the mle, an selfghting devic and propulsion system is located in the stern of boat. All the deck for wa king is non sktreated

4、Propulsion System

Propulsion system uses a integration model. Each part is linked as below.


5.Functional Characteristic

1.The boat is suitable for fast speed working boat to carry out missions with good maneuverability and security under the four sea state. It could be launched and recovery by davit when the vessel at low speed.

2.Selfrighting device is consisted of air cell, air cylinder and stainless frame. In normal, the air cell is stored in the GRP box attached on the top of frame. When the boat is capsized by wave, the cell will be charged and the GRP box will be open, then boat will self- -right to up- -right status.

3.Fender: The fender is made up of EVA core material with two lays of hypalon rubber outside. The EVA core fender is the new design of our company. It has the good elasticity、ageing- resistant、bibulous with low rate、in light weight etc characteristic. The foam core is covered by hypalon rubber outside which made from France. The construction of hypalon is as follow: ( Figure 1 )

4.On both sides of boat are ftted buoyancy lfeline with anti- ageing soft rubber pipe outside, preventing person in water from being secondary hurt when rescue;

5.The buoyancy box is flldl with polyurethane foam with provides enough buoyancy to boat. When hull body is damaged without loss of foam, the foam still could provides enough buoyancy to stop sunk.

6.12 seats are arranged in the boat with soft cushion, back rest and hand rail in order for comfortable and stability seating.

7.Handles are ftted on two sides of boat and control for stability walking and security.

8.Moveable engine cover is arranged in the middle of boat for engine repairing and maintenance. The cover is watertight treated to stop sea water run into engine room. An oneway Ventilation opening is ftted on engine cover to provide air to engine and prevent sea to run into engine room. Also automatically drain pump is arranged under the bottom of engine room, When the water level in the engine room reaches the alarm line, the pump will drain out the water automatically and stops when the water level is under the working level. Another there is a manual pump could drain out the water in the boat.

9.There is a one way drain device ftted at stern to drain out the water on the deck, it also stops seat water running into the boat.

10.Protect cover is ftted above the waterjet, GRP grid is arranged above the protect cover for walk and working.

11.When the heel angle is over 65°, the engine will be stopped by automatically stop system. The engine will restart when the boat is up- right.

6.Characteristic Description


1.Design of outline The prototype of boat is designed by fluid mechanics department of GL Classification Society, optimized by senior designer from Italy with 3D modeling. The hull is a deep V with convex section, vigorous & beautiful appearance.

a)The line of boat bottom and water jet area is optimized and the spray rails are added. The center of gravity for each part is adjusted to improve cleaving waves and stern flap. It is more suitable for driving in high- -speed underway.

b)Bottom line' s optimization can make the boat navigate reach to 40kn/h with 3P.

2.Linear after optimization is more suitable for fast work boat. It has an excellent navigation, security in sea state 4. It is satisfied that fast work boat can be launched and recovered by launching and recovery appliance when the mother ship is in a low speed.