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6.5m Fast Working Boat

1.Navigating zone &Application

This boat is one kind of fast working boat. It normally to be used for rescue、fast patrol、fire fighting. deal with accident etc in the adjacent sea area(within 70sea miles)

2.main data


3.General Description

The main deck is the continuous flush deck. The engine room is at centreback. This deck is near the waterline. And the it is the footplate grillesto be covered on the water jet protected cover. When the boat with the full load and low speed navigating. The footplate grilles can be rescuedthe men overboard.

4.Fender, New Type Foam Core

Fender is surrounded the hull, it increases buoyancy righting moment, and satisfies design requirementhe foam core fender is the new design in our company. It has the good elasticity, ageingresistant, bibulous with low rate, in light weight etccharacteristic The foam core to use hypalon rubber which from France to surround The construction for the hypalon please reference thedetails as follow:


5.Function Description

1.The hull is a deep V with convex section, vigorous & beautiful appearance, smooth & fast lines. Linear after optimization is more suitable foroffshore operation. It has an excellent navigation, security, wave-killing, maneuverability and wind-resistance . It takes effective measures tocontrol the vibration and noise.

2.With single motor, single jetpump, hydraulic steering, this propulsion system can make the boat move faster & have an excellent steer ability.

3.The walk around deck has an antislip surface. Gangways are in the boat. Stainless steel handrails are arranged on the both gunwale toincrease the security.

4.Two bollards are used on the bow & stern for docking.

5.An equipment box used for anchor storage is arranged at the forward of the boat.

6.Windshield is fixed in front of control console, and that could avoid being affected the driver’s sight by wind & wave in navigation.

7.Portal frame is installed at the stern with alarm lamp, trumpet & position light (According to the client’s requirement, other electricalequipments can be added ,such as GPS、radar etc. )

8.F.R.P grating is arranged above the water-jet protection at the stern.

9.Hook is arranged behind the helmsman. It is an onload release & anti- rolling system. The SWL is 4 tons.

10.Engine cover is arranged under the hook. There is a manhole for fixing the engine.

11. Fender & rubbing strips are installed around the broadside (except waterjet protection). Hull can be protected from impacting.

6.Propulsion System

Propulsion system uses a integration model. Each part is linked as below.


7.Characteristic Description

1.Hull Form

Drainage type. Propulsion system: Water jet.

2.Design of outline

The prototype of boat is designed by fluid mechanics department of GL Classification Society, optimized by senior designer from Italy with 3Dmodeling. The hull is a deep V with convex section, vigorous & beautiful appearance.

a)To optimized navigational status by adjusting the shape of keel. ;

b)To optimization the line of boat bottom and water jet. Add the splasher. To adjust the center of gravity for each parts. It can improve cleavingthrough the waves and stern flap. It is more suitable for driving in highspeed underway.

c)Bottom line ’s optimization can make the boat navigate reach to 35kn/h with 3P.

3.Linear after optimization is more suitable for fast work boat. It has an excellent navigation, security in sea state 4. It is satisfied that fast workboat can be launched and recovered by launching and recovery appliance when the mother ship is in a low speed.